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Video Barn – Horse

Horse Owners Talk About SweetPro

Some of SweetPro's customers have shared their experiences of using our products in these unscripted videos captured around the country. Just click on one of the links below to view.

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You Tube California • Cattle and Horses Grazing on Pasture • 5:30 • Bob Thornberg of SweetPro Feeds, Ben Londo of California Polytechnical State University and Ted Lilly former MLB pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and LA Dodgers, talk about supplementing with SweetPro to keep their cattle and horses optimally healthy while grazing on pasture.  
You Tube Diamond A Ranch on Cattle and Horses • 7:24 • Diamond A Ranch has been using SweetPro cattle and horse products for 7 years, helping them handle drought and keep their livestock healthy and productive.  
You Tube  Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch • 150 Working Horses • 31:30 •
Cholla Livestock, Diamond A Ranch in Arizona works 770,000 acres of ranch and cattle using just horses. They keep their 150 horses in a work/rest rotation, providing only natural dry grass grazing and EquiLix lick blocks.
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch • Using SweetPro Blocks • Part 1 • 9:58 • Gary Wilson, general manager of the Diamond A Ranch and Bob Thornberg of SweetPro. The Diamond A Ranch in Seligman, AZ covers 770,000 acres. After having tried every kind of supplement on the market, they settled 5 years ago on SweetPro Feeds non-molasses, distillers grain based cattle and horse products.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch • Ranch Operations • Part 2 • 6:39 • Gary Wilson and Bob Thornberg discuss how Diamond A Ranch now has a much more content and healthy herd and saves not only on their forage requirements, but also on diesel fuel and labor costs. Blocks need to only be put out every 10 to 20 days so trucks are no longer running every day all over the ranch.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch • Cowboys and Horses • Part 3 • 5:45 • Gary Wilson and Bob Thornberg. Horses are fed forage and EquiLix only, with hay occasionally. No grain. Need horses with endurance. Horses work 3 months, turned out on their own for 3 months to fend for themselves. Just forage and EquiLix, and they stay healthy.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch • Preconditioning and Backgrounding • Part 4 • 9:24 • Gary Wilson and Bob Thornberg. Cows have more milk to provide and have much faster clean-up and breedback. Calves have their rumen jump started during preconditioning and backgrounding and go right to SweetPro tubs, in addition to receiving SweetPro Fresh Start meal in their rations.  
You Tube Brighton, CO • Elemental Equine Services, Dr. Diane Wagner, VMD4:04 • Dr. Diane Wagner talks about EquiPride's support of race, rodeo, performance and pleasure horses, including those fighting laminitis and insulin-resistance.  
You Tube Colorado Springs, CO • Cloverleaf Horse Farm • Adding Muscle to Horses12:10 • Vicki Borrelli talks about horse training, dressage, EquiPride adding muscle, helping feed utilization and fly control for horses.  
You Tube Littleton, CO • Stacie Monroe and Her Competition Horse Buster • 3:28 • Stacie's horse Buster has been on EquiPride for about 10 years and he has stayed healthy and competitive the whole time..  
You Tube Longmont, CO • Silverstone Stables – Dressage and Hunter Jumper • 6:17 • Michelle Vergez on her dressage and hunter jumper training facility.  
You Tube New Raymer, CO • EquiLix on the Colorado Cattle Company and Guest Ranch • 5:49 • The Carr Family's Colorado Cattle Company and Guest Ranch uses EquiPride and EquiLix for their 90 horses and SweetPro products for their 800 cattle.  
You Tube Sterling, CO • Nancy Mahoney • Hoof and Hair Help • 4:50 • Nancy Mahoney reviews the significant hoof and hair coat support, fly bites became less trouble and horse less bothered.  
You Tube Westcliffe, CO • EquiPride on the Hidden-Y-Ranch • 4:49 • The Yoder Family’s Hidden-Y-Ranch uses EquiPride and EquiLix for their competition Percheron Draft Team horses..  
You Tube Elm Grove, LA • J.D. Blondin Uses EquiPride • 5:29 • J.D. Blondin is the past president of the AQHA, has had over 300 grand champions and several world champions.

You Tube Elm Grove, LA • Horse Background and Fertility • 3:21 • J.D. Blondin talks about the semen quality helped and fertility supported for horses using EquiPride  
You Tube Elm Grove, LA • Feeding and Fertility • 3:02 • J.D. Blondin covers how EquiPride supported fertility, helped semen output and motility, helped finicky eaters.  
You TubeElm Grove, LA • Equine Digestion and EquiPride • 4:24 • J.D. Blondin discusses why EquiPride is used as a digestive aid and nutrient utilization, and the fermentation increases bioavailability.  
You Tube Elm Grove, LA • #1 AQHA Breeding Stallion • 3:37 • J.D. Blondin shows Walk Thru Fire, the #1 Quarter Horse breeding stallion for racing in the U.S..  
You Tube Shreveport, LA • Race Horse Calmer • 8:35 • Donna Shouse reviews how her race horse Inalako is calmer, soreness and ulcer issues are helped with EquiPride.  
You TubeVidalia, LA Vet On Solving Colic • 4:00 • Dr. Debbie Guillory solves colic in competition horses, grows healthy feet and repairs equine ulcers using EquiPride.  
You TubeVidalia, LA Vet Notes On Health • 4:00 • Dr. Debbie Guillory explains how EquiPride provides supported horse health, includes Omega 3 and is available at reasonable prices.  
You Tube Mt. Pleasant, MI • Large Work Horses • 3:59 • Adrienne and Eric Goffnet talk with SweetPro's Bob Thornberg about hoot/hoof recovery in half the time for their big work horses saved the horses and helped support their digestion and immune systems.  
You Tube Riverdale, MI • Walton Performance Horses • 2:06 • Trevor Walton of Walton Performance Horses talks about how EquiPride solves hoof issues and supports a faster, higher quality hoof growth for their horses.  
You TubeChatfield, MN • Arabian's Ulcers • 4:24 • Lori Mangan's Arabian was colicing for no reason, had ulcers, all solved by using SweetPro EquiPride supplement.  
You TubeMendenhall, MS • Regina
Bond Farms using EquiPride & EquiLix for Abscesses
• 19:15
Regina Bond, Cathy Williamson and John Dean, Farrier near Mendenhall, MS. Using EquiPride & EquiLix in combination to help with hoof abscess, tendon tears, surgery, tying up, EPM, drinking water, sweating and many other issues.
You TubeNatchez, MS • Horse Had Abscesses and Navicular • 2:40 • A barrel racing horse named Rudy had hoof abscesses and navicular problems before EquiPride. Equine dentist Jennifer Melton says this horse went from almost being put down, to healthy with shiny coat and is the best recovery she's ever seen in a horse.  
You Tube Natchez, MS • Farrier Impressed • 4:01 • Ronnie Daniels, farrier for 50 years is hard to convince, but along with Jennifer Melton talks to Rick Reeves and is convinced that EquiPride brought their horses through a tough winter on bad hay, in good shape.  
You Tube Natchez, MS • Injections No Longer Needed • 3:07 • Jennifer Melton reviews horse with bone spurs in neck, no injections needed after switching to EquiPride.  
You Tube Rushville, OH • Brad Shirey of Brad Shirey Barrel Racing • 2:59 • Brad Shirey discusses how EquiPride helps hoof growth and keep their competition horses shiney, cool and calm.  
You Tube Rushville, OH • Jenna Shirey of Brad Shirey Barrel Racing • 1:58 • Jenna Shirey talks about how EquiPride and EquiLix help their competition horses do better during long hauls.  
You Tube Wilmington, OH • Valerie Watson • 1:37 • Valerie Watson explains how her barrel racing horses have faster recovery times after competition when using EquiPride.  
You TubeOklahoma City, OK • Tana Poppino Barrel Racing • 1:46 • NFR Qualifier and barrel racing champion Tana Poppino talks about her qualifying run with horse Amigo at Oklahoma State Fair.  
You Tube Elgin, OR • Lost Horse Ranch Breeding Program • 3:44 • Steve Russell of Lost Horse Ranch discusses working horses and trail riding, much better color in horses for breeding program.  
You Tube Faith, SD • West Nile Horse Recovers • 2:50 • AJ Starr and Lyle Edelman of SweetPro share how a horse with West Nile recovered in 3 weeks on EquiPride.  
You Tube DeBerry, TX • Hoof Repair In 5 Weeks • 4:36 • Randy Lindsey talks with Rick Reeves about horse hoof repair in 5 weeks, hooves grow extremely fast and strong.  
You Tube Ennis, TX Colicing Issues • 2:30 • Kim Eggleston tells Bonnie McAree mare was colicing 2 to 3 times per month before EquiPride, now no colic at all, better feet, better competition performance.  
You Tube Gilmer, TX • Eliminated Antibiotics • 5:11 • Bill Gross tells Rick Reeves how he is using EquiPride to heal cutting horses and was able to stop using antibiotics.  
You Tube Gilmer, TX • Healthy 31 Year Old Horse • 4:55 • Bill Gross discusses with Rick Reeves how EquiPride keeps his 31 year old horse healthy, and the need for worming changed from every 60 days to every 90 to 120 days.  
You Tube Gladewater, TX Reserve World Champion • 5:07 • Kenneth Edney and Rick Reeves with two time reserve world champion paint stallion and breeding stallion.  
You Tube Henderson, TX • NCHA Cutting Horse • 1:36 • Rick Reeves meets with Larry Galyean and his NCHA successful cutting horse Shorty Lena Bar has feet and coat help using EquiPride.  
You Tube Holland, TX • TQHA President Ronnie Stewart • 19:45 • Ronnie Stewart, 2012 President of the Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) explains how he uses EquiPride and EquiLix to help mares conceive easier, stallions to become more fertile (and restart their careers) and young horses to avoid OCD. He goes on to explain how EquiPride helps a horse to produce a good sound foot and enjoy better health.  
You Tube Kaufman, TX Colic Avoidance In 150 Horses • 4:45 • Tom Miller and Rick Reeves discuss no colic in herd of 150 horses in 4 years with EquiPride.  
You Tube Kilgore, TX • Recovery From Surgery • 6:18 • Dr. Rob Thoni at his equine clinic uses EquiPride for foot growth, body conditioning, recovery from surgery, recovery from antibiotics and for weight gain.  
You Tube Marshall, TX • Over 100 Rodeos A Year • 6:02 • NFR barrel racer Tana Poppino talks about keeping her two competition horses healthy while being on the road 250 days a year.  
You Tube Palmer, TX Hoof Infection Healed • 7:12 • Jennifer Corea, Bonnie McAree and Rick Reeves discuss severe hoof injury and infection healed using EquiPride  
You Tube Rio Vista, TX • 24 Year Old Mare's Foal • 5:07 • Keith Kirby, 3rd generation horse breeder, gentler horses, 24 year old was bred and has filly.  
You Tube Terrell, TX • Laminitis Healed • 3:54 • Dr. Howard McCleery and Brenda McCleery talk with Rick Reeves about laminitis issues in cutting horses, no grain, just EquiPride and hay.  
You Tube Tyler, TX • Body Sores Healed • 4:00 • Jonathan Oland and Rick Reeves discussing laminitis, body sores and weight loss all resolved with EquiPride.  
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