Video Barn - Beef

Video Barn – Beef

Cattle Owners Talk About SweetPro

Some of SweetPro's customers have shared their experiences of using our products in these unscripted videos captured around the country. Just click on one of the links below to view.

Or for non-video testimonials from beef herd owners and managers, click on this link to take you to the Testimonials on Beef.

You can also find video links contributed by owners on YouTube EquiPride or YouTube SweetPro Feeds.

Here's the newest video on SweetPro's YouTube channel, followed by an introduction to SweetPro products by president Bob Thornberg and Dr. Abe Scheaffer.

You Tube California • Cattle and Horses Grazing on Pasture • 5:30 • Bob Thornberg of SweetPro Feeds, Ben Londo of California Polytechnical State University and Ted Lilly former MLB pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and LA Dodgers, talk about supplementing with SweetPro to keep their cattle and horses optimally healthy while grazing on pasture.  
You Tube Diamond A Ranch on Their Natural Beef Program • 7:24 • Diamond A Ranch has been using SweetPro for 7 years, helping them handle drought and keep their herd healthy and productive. For a transcript of the interview click here for a PDF.  
You Tube Dr. Abe Scheaffer and Bob Thornberg on Cattle Nutritional Needs • 28:30 • A candid conversation with Dr. Abe Scheaffer, ruminant nutrition expert, and Bob Thornberg, president of SweetPro about what's best for cattle nutritionally. The discussion includes issues about this summer's drought.  
You Tube Diamond A Ranch on Their Natural Beef Program • 7:24 • Diamond A Ranch has been using SweetPro for 7 years, helping them handle drought and keep their herd healthy and productive. For a transcript of the interview click here for a PDF.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch part 1 • 9:58 • Gary Wilson, general manager, has used all other cattle supplement products and settled on SweetPro as the best and most efficient for the last 5 years. Also has 150 horses under saddle, performing at peak on just dry grass and SweetPro EquiLix blocks.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch part 2 • 6:39 • Diamond A Ranch now has a much more content and healthy herd and saves not only on their forage requirements, but also on diesel fuel and labor costs. Blocks need to only be put out every 10 to 20 days so trucks are no longer running every day all over the ranch.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch part 3 • 5:45 • Horses are fed forage and EquiLix only, with hay occasionally. No grain. Need horses with endurance. Horses work 3 months, turned out on their own for 3 months to fend for themselves. Just forage and EquiLix, and they stay healthy.  
You Tube Seligman, AZ • Diamond A Ranch part 4 • 9:24 • Cows have more milk to provide and have much faster clean-up and breedback. Calves have their rumen jump started during preconditioning and backgrounding and go right to SweetPro tubs, in addition to receiving SweetPro Fresh Start meal in their rations.  
You Tube Sterling, CO • Better For Calves • 7:23 • Nancy Mahoney discusses why weaning is so much easier than before, cows calmer, blocks placed every 10 to 20 days, Fresh Start for bottle calves.  
You Tube Waimea, HI • Guy Schutte's Ranch • 4:04 • A visit to the Schutte Ranch, with Bob Thornberg of SweetPro  
You Tube SALINA, KS • Angus Herd Conception Rates, Weight Gains • 2:02 • Dave and Lance Smith have had good success after one year of using SweetPro tubs with their Angus herd, with increases in conception rate and weight gains.  
You Tube Brockway, MT • Replaces Range Cake • 9:59 • Paul Gebhardt and Wes Jensen talk about cows beingmore content than on range cake, fly control better, consumption rates controllable, body conditions good.  
You Tube Brockway, MT • Cow/Calf Operation • 9:15 • Paul Gebhard and Wes Jensen discuss using SweetPro blocks in cow/calf operation.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Replaces Loose Minerals • 4:48 • Marty Sackman talks about Black Angus, calving period shorter, healthier cows, replacing loose minerals with SweetPro, better pasture management, spreading cows out.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Feeding SweetPro • 4:35 • Irv Haidle explains how calves are heavier and framier, easy to unload tubs among the cows, fly control is better.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Energy and Feed Efficiency • 3:35 • Irv Haidle discusses how forage consumption drops significantly in 6 weeks, 1 lb SweetPro replaces 3.5 lbs of barley cake, blocks hold up in weather.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Heifer Development • 3:58 • Irv Haidle reviews better frame and muscle gains, better conception rates, health of cows is good and feed efficiency is excellent.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Blocks Match Forage • 3:55 • Irv Haidle mentions how to choose the SweetPro block that matches the forage, want to have 1 lb of consumption per day per head.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Even Distribution • 3:39 • Irv Haidle covers how tubs allow better distribution to all cattle in herd, less waste than cakes, equal use by old, timid, young cows.  
You Tube Fallon, MT • Labor Savings • 1:31 • Irv Haidle talks about 25 cows per block, put the blocks out every 10 days, saves on time, gas and equipment.  
You Tube Glendive, MT • Breeding Program • 12:40 • Jim Skillestad and Irv Haidle discuss breeding program changes for purebred Simmental cattle.  
You Tube Elgin, OKAaron Ralston Interviews Ronnie Glover • 3:05 • Aaron Ralston of "The Ride" interviews Ronnie Glover, Oklahoma rancher and SweetPro distributor. Ronnie explains how after feeding every kind of supplement, SweetPro is his number one choice. It makes his feeding program work at peak efficiency and his bottom line profitable.  
You Tube Faith, SD • Herd Health • 6:50 • AJ Starr and Lyle Edelman of SweetPro talk about the Starr's 25,000 acre SD cattle ranch, 800 mother cows, Angus/Limousine cross, no foot rot or sore eyes, no antibiotics used, premium paid for all natural at market.  
You Tube Faith, SD • Consumption and Feeding • 5:24 • AJ Starr and Lyle Edelman discuss winter grazing SD cows with SweetPro vs range cubes, no waste, no stomping, lower quality hay works fine when calving.  
You Tube Faith, SD • Consumption and Weather • 5:17 • AJ Starr and Lyle Edelman review managing consumption with block selection, distribute on 10 day intervals, worked great in a bad drought, 100% first calf heifers bred.  
You Tube Faith, SD • Fly Control • 2:11 • AJ Starr and Lyle Edelman cover mineral EX tubs with Altosid for fly control, summer nutrition program for cattle.  
You Tube Brooksmith, TX • More Cattle Per Acre • 20:39 • Ed Anderson talks about backgrounding 350-700 yearling steers, medications work better, spend less on vets, can graze more steers on same fields, tubs help immune systems, less running around, wild hogs won't eat the SweetPro.  
You Tube Hico, TX • Cody Ohl and Pure Smoke • 12:43 • 6x PRCA champion, uses SweetPro products for his champion bucking bull Pure Smoke.  
You Tube Idalou, TX • Bozeman Farms and Ranches • 9:41 • Cattle on Texas panhandle stocker cattle ranch gain up to 4/10ths pound more per day on SweetPro blocks.  
You Tube Union Grove, TX • Eliminated Medicine • 6:05 • Bill Gross discusses with Rick Reeves why he chose Fresh Start and KalfKandi, kept training cattle off medicine for 1.5 years and reduced hay consumption.  
You Tube Willis, TX • Ranch Feeding • 2:21 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves review loading and unloading from pickup truck in the field.  
You Tube Willis, TX • Eliminated Loose Minerals • 2:04 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves cover mineral consumption from feeders dropped to zero with SweetPro.  
You Tube Willis, TX • Pasture Management • 2:07 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves on good conception rates, easier pasture management, lick blocks hold up in the weather.  
You Tube Willis, TX • Consumption Control • 4:43 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves discuss hay and tubs only, no range cake, no cubes.  
You Tube Willis, TX • Cost Savings • 2:45 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves look at having more bottom-line money with all-in-one blocks.  
You Tube Willis, TX • First Calf Heifers • 1:44 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves talk about the best that their first calf heifers have ever done.  
You Tube Willis, TX • No Wastage • 1:38 • Bill Cauley, Scott Parswell and Rick Reeves consider how SweetPro supplement won't get stomped into mud like range cakes, all ages of cattle get equal access.  
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