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Horse Owners Talk About SweetPro

Some of the most exciting stories for all of us at SweetPro are the remarkable recoveries that horses have experienced when using our horse products of EquiPride top dressing and EquiLix lick blocks.

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Stories are organized alphabetically by state.

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Michele AultmanMichele Aultman's Story
Phenix City, Alabama
“ . . . a Tennesee Walking horse . . . he began stumbling hard . . .“


Lisa HandLisa Hand's Story
Mentone, California
"His coat is gorgeous and shiny – he sure doesn’t look like a 24-year-old!"

Denise BryantDenise Bryant's Story
Reche Canyon, California
“. . . since starting – Tonic has not had one lame day!”


Dr. Kent SullivanDr. Kent Sullivan's Story
Somis, California
Horses burned during the November fires recover.

Ann ChismAnn Chism's Story
Arvada, Colorado
“I found everything I was looking for in EquiPride and I'm very pleased with the results.“


Laura MillerLaura Miller's Story
Westcliffe, Colorado
“Laura figured they saved 24% on their hay cost per day . . .”

Debbie ShevlinDebbie Shevlin's Story
Citra, Florida
"Joe has put back all the weight he lost . . . He looks great! We are once again riding him! He has the pep back in his step!"


Deborah CollinsDeborah Collins' Story
Summerfield, Florida
“. . . this is the only product I have ever used that I have been extremely impressed with.”

Kimberly HowellKimberly Howell's Story
Moline, Illinois
“. . . I felt her mane and I could not believe the way it felt – like silk”


Vickie MorrisonVickie Morrison's Story
New Boston, Illinois
“I have cut my feed bill a lot but have not cut down on the health of the herd.“

Jacque StokesJacque Stokes' Story
Spring Grove, Illinois
“The story of a miracle, if ever I’ve heard one!”


JD BlondinJD Blondin's Story
Elm Grove, Louisiana
J.D. Blondin says it's the best product (EquiPride) he's seen in 41 years of the horse breeding business!
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Brett WiseBrett Wise's Story
Elm Grove, Louisiana
“El Rio Gato now settles mares 100% of the time!“


Dr. Debbie GuilloryDr. Debbie Guillory's Story
Vidalia, Louisiana
“It has helped our life tremendously . . .”
• Video 1  • Video 2

Adrienne GoffnettAdrienne Goffnett's Story
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
“...each horse on our farm has a new lease on life.“
• Video


Madden's ResortMaddens Resort's Story
Brainerd, Minnesota
"Dan has recovered from his founder problem . . . he is now able to wear shoes for the first time in his life!"

Cindy UrlieCindy Urlie's Story
Cambridge, Minnesota
“. . . all their feet look normal now and everybody walks just fine.“


Lori ManganLori Mangan's Story
Chatfield, Minnesota
“. . . the condition and bloom on all the animals is amazing.”
• Video

Briana VisserBriana Visser's Story
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota
“...Kat looks great, feels great, and is ready to go.“


Dr. Sarah RalstonDr. Sarah Ralston's Story
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Exciting results were obtained from our research studies this year.

Connie BenjaminsonConnie Benjaminson's Story
Walhalla, North Dakota
“He has that bloom that makes him showy.”


Lee AlsbaughLee Alsbaugh's Story
Stillwater, Oklahoma
“Thanks again EquiPride for giving me my horse back!!!!”

Kate TurnerKate Turner's Story
Richmond, Virginia
"In three weeks, the rain rot disappeared from all the horses!"


Dan FriedmanDan Friedman's Story
Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
“. . . he is once again grazing in the pasture and actually runs from time to time. Something he hasn’t done for a few years.”

Debra BrooksDebra Brooks' Story
Goodlettsville, Tennessee
“My husband, the farrier, was amazed at the change before his eyes and says he will recommend EquiPride to anyone who has a horse with hoof problems.”


Randy LindseyRandy Lindsey's Story
De Berry, Texas
“EquiPride is the best vitamin, mineral and all around product for a horse.”
• Video

Shelley GishShelley Gish's Story
Hallsville, Texas
“This is a wonderful product. I am totally pleased with the results!”


Rick ReevesRick Reeves' Story
Hallsville, Texas
“. . . unbelievable change in [Lonesome’s] hair coat, mane and tail. He also feels better than he has in months.”

Tom MillerTom Miller's Story
Kaufman, Texas
“. . . Tom works to rehabilitate these horses and get them breeding again.”
• Video


Jody BatonJody Baton's Story
Kilgore, Texas
Big Jake is healing in half the time and with no surgery!

Lacy MerrittLacy Merritt's Story
Kilgore, Texas
Skipper's hooves are now solid and strong in 2 months!


Dr. Rob ThoniDr. Rob Thoni's Story
Kilgore, Texas
“. . . the best feed additive I have ever used.“
• Video

Shawna ThomasShawna Thomas' Story
Livingston, Texas
“Every horse I’ve put on it has had remarkable results.”


Karla AshbrannerKarla Ashbranner's Story
Lufkin, Texas
"From that day on – 6 months and counting – Judge has not had colic or loose droppings once!"

Crystal LyonCrystal Lyons' Story
Mason, Texas
“. . . a miracle that we found this awesome product in time to save this horse's life and to save the investment we had made in this fine colt.”


Catherine HarrisCatherine Harris' Story
Laramie, Wyoming
“Reall is growing younger“

Kim CookKim Cook's Story
Palmyra, Virginia
“. . . after three weeks, what a change in his whole being.”


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