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Cattle Owners Talk About SweetPro

Beef herd health, calving, weening, growth and breedback have all been noted to be dramatically supported by using SweetPro products.

To read the stories from beef herd owners and managers, click one of the links shown below and organized by state.

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Guy SchutteGuy Schutte's Story
Kamuela, Hawaii
"About his Hawaii grass-fed steer raised on SweetPro tubs, Guy said 'It's the best beef I've ever eaten'."


SweetPro Cattle KandiGordon Christiansen's Story
Durham, Kansas
"One pound of SweetPro blocks replaced nearly 4 pounds of range cubes with no reduction in performance."

Lyle EdelmanLyle Edelman's Story
Sabetha, Kansas
"I will tell you what I am going to do with my own calves next summer. I am going to use Cattle Kandi for a month to start, then switch to the SweetPro 16."


Bob SalmonBob Salmon's Story
Appleton City, Missouri
"Bob Salmon trimmed his calf starting supplement day-cost from 80 cents/head, to 20 cents/head"

John HammonsJohn Hammons' Story
Sedalia, Missouri
"Stress and weaning weight loss were nearly zero because of the tubs."


Dennis MayerDennis Mayer's Story
Gackle, North Dakota
"Heifers which failed to rebreed with their second calf dropped from over 20% to zero or less than 2%."

Ronnie GloverRonnie Glover's Story
Elgin, Oklahoma
"One pound of SweetPro blocks replaced nearly 4 pounds of range cubes with no reduction in performance."


A. J. Starr and familyA.J. Starr and Family's Story
Faith, South Dakota
The heaviest calves they ever raised, and during a drought!
• Video 1 • Video 2 • Video 3 • Video 4

Alton OneyAlton and David Oney's Story
Marshall, Texas
A 10% feed increase has resulted in 33% better gains.


Matt KernsMatt Kerns' Story
Tyler, Texas
“if they hit the feed yard and don’t get sick, they’ll gain. (with SweetPro), they come off the truck and go to eating.”

Bill CawleyBill Cawley's Story
Willis, Texas
...unlike pouring cubes to the herd every other day (sometimes searching for a dry place), they only need to be placed out every 10 days with the knowledge that every cow will get to the tubs in turn. EquiPride on You Tube • Video 1 • Video 2 • Video 3 • Video 4 • Video 5 • Video 6 • Video 7


Dick and Lori WudrichDick and Lorie Wudrich's Story
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
"For the summer we had, we're pretty happy. One steer topped 800 pounds and three were over 700 pounds."

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