Specialty – Llama and Alpaca

SweetPro Sheep Blocks for Sheep, Llama and Alpaca
Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg)

Sheep Block is a recommended product for Sheep, Llama and Alpaca.

Guaranteed Analysis Chart – Sheep Blocks
Guaranteed Analysis Chart – All SweetPro Products
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It's an all natural, low copper, vitamin, mineral and protein supplement for sheep, llama and alpaca.

SweetPro's sheep blocks can be safely and effectively be used for llamas and alpacas.

Fresh Start Loose Meal for Sheep, Llama and Alpaca
Net wt. 50 lb (22.8 kg) bags
Net wt. 2,000 lb (907 kg) totes

The low copper version of Fresh Start is a recommended product for Sheep and Llama and Alpaca.

Guaranteed Analysis Chart – Fresh Start Low Copper Sheep Formula
Guaranteed Analysis Chart – All SweetPro Products

A unique new supplement to stimulate intake (with an ethyl-alcohol edge) and support feed efficiency with yeast, functional enzymes and other fermentation metabolites.

Designed as a vitamin, mineral and digestive aid supplement for lactation and finishing rations, it is also used in receiving rations, helping maturation and rumen development.

Fresh Start is rich in yeast and other fermentation metabolites which combine to support starch and fiber digestion, maintain immune function, promote correctness and assist in nutrient utilization.

ProBiotein Adds an Extra Measure

ProBiotein is SweetPro’s “blend additive.” It’s not just a single beneficial additive but a strategic blend working together to support performance.

ProBiotein Includes:

Protein Concentrates - from wheat, oats, barley malt, flax and yeast. This broadens the amino acid balance of the ration.

An Oligosaccharide - these short chain polysaccharides are often called “prebiotics” because they preferentially feed beneficial bacteria. In so doing, the beneficial bacterial flourish and contribute to the “competitive exclusion” of pathogenic bacteria which can cause sickness.

Organic Complexed Trace Minerals - copper, manganese and zinc are provided in this form for maximum bioavailability.


Feed at one ounce per hundredweight (cwt) of body weight when using as a top dress.

CAUTION: Directions for use must be carefully followed. Use only Low Copper Fresh Start for sheep. Fresh Start is designed primarily for lactation rations to stimulate intake and provide dense, readily assimilated (nonstarch) energy to push lactation peaks without adding undue stress to the animal. It is also used in receiving rations, show animal rations and finishing rations.

NOTE: Fresh Start initially has a distinctive “beer-like” odor because of the ethyl-alcohol. Over time there is often a shift to a more “vinegar-like” odor as the ethanol is changed to acetic acid through aeration. This is not a problem. Acetic acid and ethyl alcohol have similar fiber-digesting benefits and tend to be absorbed preferentially by mammary tissue.

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