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Information – Livestock

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Energy and Digestibility

The energy in SweetPro is from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugar. These complex carbohydrates help minimize digestive disruption while high fat levels additionally boost energy. Yeast from fermentation aids in digestion and helps support excellent feed efficiency.

SweetPro products feature fermented distillers feeds including condensed distillers solubles (CDS) instead of molasses. CDS have aroma and binding benefits that are similar to molasses, but CDS are much higher in protein and fat. And they have NO sugar content to negatively affect the rumen and drive down pH.

Cattle Digestion

Digestive support from SweetPro’s unique blend of yeast, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals helps maintain animal health and reduces costs because feed is digested more efficiently. SweetPro products feature fermentation feed ingredients, rich in yeast, prebiotics, and volatile organic acids (VOA) that support rumen fermentation, resulting in overall digestive support and excellent feed efficiency.

Condensed distillers solubles (CDS) and distillers dried grains replace molasses in SweetPro® blocks, providing energy from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugars. Complex carbohydrates support the reduction of digestive disruption often associated with starch and sugar.

Protein, Vitamins, Minerals

SweetPro blocks feature high by-pass protein and are fortified with vitamin A, D and E, and a balanced blend of organically complexed (chelated) trace minerals. This makes SweetPro blocks an outstanding supplement for forage.

Protein in SweetPro is from safe sources and has a high “rumen by-pass” value. Cows produce more milk for demanding “growthy” calves, while the calves themselves get better protein for frame development by licking the blocks alongside the cow.

Support For Better Health

SweetPro has taken a leading position in improving animal health naturally by maximizing nutrient utilization for supported immune response and performance. Probiotics commonly refers to both the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and the supplements used to increase their population. They break down forages by converting sugars and carbohydrates into beneficial by-products of fatty acids and nutrilites, where they will then be absorbed into the blood and delivered to cells as nutrients.

Microflora is the broad term that describes all the bacteria (both good and bad) active in the digestive tract. Probiotics and pathogens (disease- causing microorganisms) are all a part of the same microflora, but when the probiotics are strong and healthy, their populations flourish, leaving little room and food for the pathogens. This “crowding out”of the pathogens is referred to as “competitive exclusion”.

Prebiotics are food for probiotics and help keep probiotics healthy. Prebiotics are oligosaccharides. They are not directly digested by the animal but rather by the probiotics. These dietary food fibers nourish the microflora’s beneficial bacteria as they are converted into beneficial nutrilites.

The oligosaccharide that is used in SweetPro is fructo oligosaccharide plus Beta-glucan. This becomes a key advantage for SweetPro users, because when probiotics are healthy and strong, feed gets digested better, nutrients are absorbed better, and the pH stays balanced.

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