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At SweetPro we make a variety of feed supplement products for horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock. Our products support animal digestive health and growth, while supporting excellent feed efficiency. We blend distillers grains, vitamins and minerals, with beta-glucan, a prebiotic and our proprietary blend additive ProBiotein. No molasses.

SweetPro products – in blocks and meal – are cost efficient, easy to handle and support nutrient utilization, giving animals what they need for growth and good health. Have a look around our site and we're here to answer any questions you have. You can also find SweetPro dealers in your area who will be glad to help. Thank you for visiting our site.

Bob Thornberg

Smooth Operator Erupts YETI World Champion Bull Title and YETI Bull Finals Victory

The PBR World Finals are over and what finals they were. Congratulations to Jess Lockwood and Smooth Operator, emerging as World Champion Rider and World Champion Bull in 2019.

Reigning world champion bull, SweetPro’s Bruiser, was standing fifth heading into the finals with an outside chance for an unprecedented fourth world championship. But it wasn’t to be.

Smooth Operator had a solid lead coming into the finals, and then had a great finals to seal the deal for owner Chad Berger and the others with ownership interests.

We at SweetPro Feeds have been, and remain delighted to be participants in this great sport and especially for the increasing numbers of participants choosing to supplement their competition animals and more importantly, their commercial and purebred herds with SweetPro Feeds. SweetPro products help the animals achieve and express their genetic potential, whether it's in competition for buckles or the top buck on sale day.

Links and video courtesy of PBR.

SweetPro Helps Cattle and Horses Grazing on Pasture

Bob Thornberg of SweetPro Feeds, Ben Londo of California Polytechnical State University and Ted Lilly former MLB pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and LA Dodgers, talk about supplementing with SweetPro to keep their cattle and horses optimally healthy while grazing on pasture.


SweetPro Calf Paste with ProBiotein

January 2018 – A New Scour-Support Treatment with Toxin Binders, Bringing the MOS Advantage.

SweetPro’s Calf Paste with ProBiotein® is designed to mitigate the cascade of challenges facing a young calf. The diarrhea that accompanies scours is the body’s natural response to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Calf Paste contains charcoal to bind toxins, functional proteins to combat pathogenic organisms, probiotics to seed the intestine with the appropriate population of microorganisms and ProBiotein®, a prebiotic fiber blend that provides substrates for the appropriate population of microorganisms residing in the intestine of a healthy calf. Scours can be caused by multiple organisms. SweetPro Calf Paste is designed to be a broad spectrum intervention and preventative response to the challenge of scours.

Bio-Active First Milk with ProBiotein

The Armor-Like Colostrum Replacement!.

Bio-Active First Milk is designed as a complete colostrum replacement to be given within the first hours of life to help boost energy levels and give added health coverage during stressful conditions.

  • Fortified with vitamins, minerals and lactoferrin
  • Provides 85 grams of biologically active proteins
  • Quick dispersal in one-quart warm water solution
  • Provides a high dose of energy (and density)
  • Antibodies, Pre-and Probiotics to support a healthy start

EquiPride Gold with ProBiotein

Prebiotic and Probiotic Support for Working and Competition Horses.

EquiPride Gold soft chew is designed with Pro and Prebiotics to support your horse’s appetite during the stress of work & competition.

2017 PBR Bull of the Year Champion SweetPro's Bruiser Photo by Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media, courtesy of PBR

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – November 5, 2017SweetPro's Bruiser, the reigning PBR Champion Bull from 2016, has won the Bull of the Year award on the final day of the 2017 PBR Built Ford Tough Series World Finals in Las Vegas. Owned by D&H Cattle Company of Ardmore, Oklahoma, SweetPro's Bruiser had to come from behind to overtake PBR star Pearl Harbor in the finals. Pearl Harbor was .2 points ahead of SweetPro's Bruiser on Wednesday, but on Thursday a 47 point performance by SweetPro's Bruiser put him slightly ahead of Pearl Harbor, which had a solid 45+ point score. SweetPro's Bruiser took Emilio Resende on a short 1.91 sedond ride, and displayed some remarkable bucking. Click here to see the PBR video of the ride. As Page of D&H Cattle Company watched Sunday's finals, he saw his top bull deliver another remarkable feat of athleticism, scoring a 46 to outdistance a strong showing by Pearl Harbor which delivered another 45+ point outing. All of us at SweetPro congratulate D&H Cattle Company on their winning year and the accomplishments of two time PBR Bull of the Year Champion Bull SweetPro's Bruiser.

SweetPro Announces New Distributor for Missouri
Columbia, Missouri – April 1, 2017
. SweetPro Feeds would like to announce a new distributor for the state of Missouri:

Jared Royer
Columbia, MO

Jared is co-owner of Cattle Visions located in Clark, Missouri. Cattle Visions is a multi-breed online semen distributor that markets product across the U.S. and abroad. We are looking forward to the experience Jared has in the feed industry as well as his involvement with genetics.

PBR Champ Bruiser Is Having A Winning Year Photo by Justin Felisko, courtesy of PBR

PUEBLO, COLORADO – March 13, 2017 – Joao Ricardo Vieira appeared on his way to an event-winning trip aboard Bruiser before the brown bull ripped Vieira’s rope from out underneath his left-riding hand when he jerked back toward the right at the 6.49-second mark. READ MORE

SweetPro's Bruiser Wins 2016 World Champion Bull Title Photo by Andy Watson,, courtesy of PBR

LAS VEGAS – November 6, 2016 – SweetPro’s Bruiser was touted all season long as the most consistent World Champion Bull contender, and Bruiser got World Championship certification on Sunday afternoon at T-Mobile Arena. Bruiser was able to find his inner strength to dislodge 2016 PBR Brazil champion Dener Barbosa at the 7.15-second mark to propel himself to the 2016 World Champion Bull title with a 46.25-point bull score. READ MORE

SweetPro introduces EquiLix PI – Performance Intake
Performance horses, work horses and horses that need to increase their daily intake of vitamins and minerals now have EquiLix PI – Performance Intake.

EquiLix PI has the same "all-in-one" vitamin and mineral supplemention as the standard blue tub EquiLix but it's formulated for higher intake so horses get more than the 1 lb per day / per horse consumed with the standard EquiLix.

EquiLix PI
includes strong prebiotic and digestive aids for better horse health and superior performance and works effectively to help support hooves, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed utilization, circulation and resistance to colicing.

EquiLix PI promotes higher consumption than the standard blue tub EquiLix. It's perfect for competition and work horses, donkeys and mules, or for picky eaters.
Use daily for horses along with good forages.

Set the 50 lb tub out for 1-2 horses, or the 125 lb tub out for 4-5 horses. 50 lb (22.7 kg) EquiLix PI - Performance Intake lick block 125 lb (57 kg) EquiLix PI - Performance Intake lick block

Introduction to SweetPro Products on YouTube

Bob Thornberg, founder of SweetPro Feeds explains the advantages and differences between the various SweetPro products. Lick blocks are available for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and other livestock.

Diamond A Ranch and Natural Beef Program on SweetPro

Diamond A Ranch's manager and owner talk about their Natural Beef program, 7 years on SweetPro products, getting through droughts, keeping their herd and horses healthy.

Littleton, Colorado's Stacie Monroe and Her Competition Horse Buster

Stacie Monroe of Littleton, Colorado has had her competition horse Buster on EquiPride for 10 years. His performance and health have been great during this time, and he has needed less hay on average because of the greater feed efficiency with EquiPride.

From the PBR to Your Pasture
by Jami Howell, Northern Ag Network

Photo courtesy of

Billings, Montana – April 7, 2016
As livestock owners have become more sophisticated in their understanding of livestock nutrition and nutrient requirements, supplements have become an increasingly popular management tool to help cattle better utilize their feed particularly in the winter when the available forages are lacking needed nutrients. Supplements provide an easy method for delivering protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to their cattle. Higher molasses prices and the option of non-molasses supplement blocks are giving stock contractors and cattle ranchers a reason to reevaluate the type of supplement they use. (More) 
To view the full story, click here.

SweetPro's Long John wins 2015 Professional Bull Riders Champion Bull in Las Vegas.

Photo by Andy Watson,, courtesy of PBR

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 25, 2015
The Professional Bull Rider's Champion Bull of the Year honors went to SweetPro's Long John, owned by D&H Cattle from Ardmore, Oklahoma. The finals were held at the Thomas & Mack Center and as reported by the PBR web site ". . . H.D. Page's bovine athlete saved his best performance of the season for his final, out of the Built Ford Tough World Finals. Long John swung to the left and battled jump for jump against Fabiano Vieira and used the same brute strength that made him a top World Champion Bull contender, to win the 2015 championship".
To see the whole story, click here to go to our News page.

SweetPro's Long John is one of the top PBR bulls nationally as shown in this YouTube video with slow motion and rider interview.

One of the top PBR bulls in the country is SweetPro's Long John, owned by D&H Livestock and sponsored by SweetPro. This top performing PBR bull has been on SweetPro products for years. At the PBR event in Denver 2015 Bob Thornberg interviews bull rider Nathan Schaper, shown here riding SweetPro's Long John.
To see the video, click here.

Clay Tryan is a 2x World Champion Team Roper, and a member of the SweetPro 2015 Team.

Clay Tryan at 35 is already a Million Dollar Cowboy, a 2x World Champion Team Roper, a 10x WNFR Qualifier and the 2005 PRCA World Champion. SweetPro is proud to have Clay on our 2015 Team.

Dave Thornberg of SweetPro is interviewed at the first ever National Angus Convention and Trade Show.

National Angus Convention and Trade ShowThe American Angus Association debuted its first-ever National Angus Convention and Trade Show. SweetPro’s Dave Thornberg was on hand to join in this very successful premier event, at the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

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